Baran: 2 elderly people died in suspicious condition, there was panic in administration


Ram Mehta / Baran: Of Rajasthan Baran The 74-year-old Corona-infected pensioners teacher, who came to K Siswali on Monday, died while undergoing treatment at the Medical College Hospital. At the same time, 65-year-old cousin also died in a suspicious state in Siswali Kalupura. There has been a panic in the administration and family members after the death of both of them together.

Here, after the 65-year-old cousin died in a suspicious state, the medical team Kalupura Upon reaching, the corona sampling of the relatives of the deceased was taken. According to the information, the deceased Gajanand Bairava (65) resident Mahua Hall Mukam Kalupura Siswali was staying with his wife for eight days at Sorkhand Anta with his daughter.

From sorkhand Kalupura His health deteriorated at his home and he became unconscious. After this, he was shown at the Community Health Center at Siswali and he was declared dead after being checked by doctors here. After this, the dead body was placed in Morchery, where the corpse was cornered by corona sampling of the deceased and handed over the body to the crematorium under the supervision of the administration.

Please tell that, Rajasthan Till Thursday morning, 339 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported. After this, the number of active cases in the state has increased to 8587. According to the data of Rajasthan Health Department, the total positive cases have reached 32673 so far, whereas 23498 Kovid patients have been recovered out of total positive cases.

At the same time, the death toll of Kovid patients in the state has increased to 588. Whereas most of the cases have been reported from Jodhpur and Alwar till Thursday morning. According to the information, 105 in Jodhpur, 41 in Kota, 3 in Sawaimadhopur, 1 in Jhunjhunu, 3 in Banswara, 51 in Jaipur, 1 in Dausa, 30 in Ajmer, 1 in Ganganagar, 92 in Alwar, 1 in Jhalawar and Baran. 10 Kovid patients have been visited.


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