China’s cleverness, ‘Chinese Communist Party allowed tech companies to gather data’


new Delhi: Through technology at ‘Decoding China’ with Thought Leaders at WION Global Summit on Wednesday China The possibility of aspiring to become a superpower was investigated. During the summit, experts acknowledged that China and 5G technology America (USA) A race has started between Whichever country will take the initiative in implementing 5G will also compete in the launch of future technologies.

Dr. Robert Spalding, former senior strategy director at the US Security Council, said the Chinese Communist Party allows tech companies to build their algorithms in the hope of gathering data and dominating the 5G market.

Due to the havoc of the Corona virus, the Chinese campaign to control the core technology market, especially 5G, has slowed down which has devastated the entire world, but Dragon is moving ahead with full enthusiasm. On the other hand, America is dominating the expansion of 4G technology and it wishes to do the same with 5G.

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“There is a concern in the US business community that the US is lagging behind 5G technology, China can lead in innovation by introducing this technology,” said Geo Technology Practice of Eurasia Group Head Paul Triole.

5G is the new generation of wireless technology which will be launched all over the world with faster wireless service and better network promises.

Former Vice President of Huawei Technology Simon Lacy said, “America should welcome China’s progress because America always achieved its great achievements only when it had a big rival.” Think of the space race that Sputnik started.


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