Chinese Embassy protest in America, slogans against Communist Party of China


Washington: China Opposition to the expansionist policies is increasing worldwide. America Indian-Americans demonstrated in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington, the capital. The protesters held play cards in their hands, on which slogans were written against the Communist Party of China. The protesters demanded immediate end of Chinese aggression on LAC in India.

Addressing the protest against China, Indian community leader Manoj Srinilayam said that we strongly condemn the aggression shown by China in India. When the whole world is struggling to deal with the Corona epidemic, China is trying to infiltrate Ladakh with its expansionist moves. The virus originated in China has killed millions of people worldwide and devastated the global economy.

Activist Mahindra Sapa, who was involved in the demonstration, said that for the past several decades, China has been constantly trying to bully India and other small countries. In the South China Sea, it has captured a lot of strength on the strength and has taken many islands of neighboring countries under its control. He killed 20 soldiers of India by deceitful attack in Galvan Valley. We have gathered here to make people aware of China’s policies. We want the world leaders to consider isolating China economically.

In this demonstration at the Chinese Embassy, ​​people from different sections of the Indian diaspora living in the United States were united. Members of Kerala Association, Durga Temple Friends, Tamil Cultural Group, Indian Cultural Association, Vishwa Hindu Parishad America and National Council of Asian Indian Association from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC arrived at the Chinese Embassy to participate in the demonstration.

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The Apoj Chinese Aggression (OCI) Group-23 organization also sent its members to Washington DC to participate in this demonstration. The group was formed some time ago by Prem Bhandari, a resident of New York. This group includes people from 23 countries who are having territorial dispute with China. The group also organized a webinar on Chinese imperialism last week. In which former Ambassador of India Gautam Bambawale and former SEBI Chairman DR. Mehta participated. OCI Group-23 member Sanjay Patel, who joined the protest, said that we have come here to protest against Chinese expansionism. Which has been trying to do in India and other neighboring countries for the last several years.

Let us know that even before Washington, Indians have demonstrated against China in many cities. The first such performance was held at the New York Times Crossroads in Chicago. Which was led by Indian American doctor Bharat Barai, who settled in America. In this demonstration, Tibetans along with Indians also united against China and raised slogans against China and demanded its expansionist policies.


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