Corona will lose in Siliguri!

A lockdown is going on in Siliguri, so that Corona can be defeated. But despite all the efforts of the administration, the situation does not seem to be much improved. There are more than fifty thousand cases of corona in West Bengal at this time. There are about 1700 total cases in Darjeeling district. Active cases 544 and 15 people have also lost their lives.

Along with Siliguri, a lockdown is being imposed in the mountain. The state government and local administration are all trying to achieve control over the corona in any way, but the situation is not satisfactory so far. Now the state government has decided to run Kovid-19 awareness program in the entire state. Under this, Kovid Warriors Club is going to be established in the entire state.Corona will lose in Siliguri!

Information about Kovid-19 Warriors Club has already been given on time. This club belongs to people who have won the battle against Coronavirus and have become Corona warriors. Such people will work as volunteers and encourage Kovid-19 patients. Along with his experience of defeating Corona, he will also tell you ways to win the battle against Corona. Will also guide the infected patients. Will help take them to the hospital, get them tested. Not only this, Safe Home, Kovid-19 will also be able to serve the corona patient in the hospital. Today when corona patients are seen from a hay point of view, people consider such a patient untouchable and stay far away from them, do not want to see their face, fearing that they may also become corona, in such a situation Kovid- Volunteers of the 19 Warriors Club will surely work to encourage the coronaries, so that their immunity to fight the disease can be increased. Corona will lose in Siliguri!

Today, a major reason for the death of corona patients and migration from their hospital is also the neglect of patients. There has been a perception among people that doctors and nurses do not treat Corona patients well, due to which the feeling of despair and depression becomes home. This is due to the suicide or death of the patient. The volunteers of the Kovid-19 Warriors Club will be able to take care of the patients and will also guide them. This idea of ​​the state government can be said to be very commendable. Because one victim can convert another victim well. Can show him the right path. Can help him recover from the disease. In this way, corona patients will also benefit from scientific approach. As much as a doctor or nurse cannot help a Kovid-19 patient, more trust in the coronavirus patient will increase through these volunteers.

At present, it is seen that doctors or nurses are taking great care in treating patients in Kovid-19 hospitals. The patients are left in their condition. In this situation, the patient’s trust is broken and they get frustrated. But if a sufferer or a person who has gone through this phase, if he stays close to his sympathies, talks to the patient and shows remedies for getting rid of the disease, then his talk will be more effective and closer to the patient’s mind. It is being said that to prevent corona, it is important to have strong immunity. Through the volunteer, the immunity of such patients is set to increase scientifically. With this, the patients will soon recover from the disease. This volunteer will also tell which patients need to be admitted to the hospital and which patients can be treated better at home. Corona will lose in Siliguri!

The state government is working fast in this direction. All the district rulers of the state have been instructed to establish Kovid-19 Warriors Club at the earliest and in greater numbers so that coronavirus patients can get a new strength. Kovid-19 Warriors Club has been established in Khoribari and Naxalbari in Darjeeling district. Darjeeling District Magistrate informed that soon many Kovid-19 Warriors Clubs are being opened under Siliguri Municipal Corporation. The government will pay a monthly remuneration of ₹ 15000 to the Coronavirus warriors working in these clubs. All these will work as volunteers.

The same people are eligible to become members of this club, who have returned home after winning the war from Corona. The government will pay such people ₹ 15,000 as remuneration. The government can also take the service of such people in Safe Home, Kovid-19 Hospital. Now it is to be seen how much benefit the Siliguri residents get from the Kovid-19 Warriors Club in Siliguri. But one thing is certain that this will create a new faith in coronavirus patients.

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Corona will lose in Siliguri!

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