Corona’s ‘virus’ spreading rapidly in Kota;


Mukesh Soni / Kota: Unlock-2 (Unlock-2) in Kota Coronavirus infection Is constantly increasing. Corona virus is infecting people in the city’s colonies as well as commercial-private establishments and government offices.

Recently, after 3 lawyers and 1 judicial employee came positive in the court premises, there has been an appeal from the Advocate Council to reduce the case. Brijraj Singh Chauhan, chairman of the Advocate Council, has appealed to the court, police and administration to make at least one case. Also, demanded to open more than two courts on holiday.

Brijraj Singh Chauhan, chairman of the Advocate Council, said that, at present, more cases of Motor Vehicle Act are coming to court. At the same time, challans are being introduced in old cases. Due to this, the crowd is more in the court premises.

He said that, presenting the accused together in the court at such a time leads to a mob of policemen and lawyers. At the same time, there is a court building in the court premises, where the magistrates sit are also small. In this situation Corona infection Preventing it from spreading is a big challenge.

Chauhan says that at the present time, the number of cases of MV Act are coming in the court, never before. Corona infection If possible, along with all measures to prevent and prevent the spread, the trial should be reduced. Chauhan has also demanded the opening of more than two courts on a holiday.


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