Crime who? Phone tapping or horse-trading; Shiv Sena targeted BJP


Mumbai: The Shiv Sena (Shivsena), through its mouthpiece Saamana, has fiercely attacked the BJP’s role in toppling the Rajasthan government and BJP’s Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. It is written in Saamana that a plan was made to buy a majority by manipulating the Gehlot Government of Rajasthan by throwing money, but Chief Minister Gehlot exposed that lie. Whom Sachin Pilot had rebelled against injustice, he brought the phone conversation between Pilot and BJP leaders for this.

Central government pressure and money were used to bring down the Gehlot government. Congress destroyed it. Now the BJP says that the Rajasthan government tapped the phone in an unethical manner. The Central Home Department will now investigate this phone tapping and we have read the news of getting such an order. It is also true that it is a crime not to listen only to such personal leaders, but to steal private conversations of anyone, it is an attack on personal freedom.

In such a situation, the Union Home Department will be investigating in this context, so what is wrong with it? The only question is that the Gehlot government would have heard this conversation, had any such emergency situation been created in this country or state? In Rajasthan, there was a stir to topple the majority government and for this the horse trading started at high prices. The moral behind the revolt of Sachin Pilot was less and money was more to be wished for. It is a rebellion against the people and democracy, it is corruption.

On the basis of the evidence, the Gehlot government has registered a case against a BJP leader and Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Shekhawat has been charged in the case of serious crimes, but the BJP is not ready to speak anything about it. It is unethical to listen to and monitor phone conversations, it is also unethical to buy legislators to topple the government.

Why were the resignations of their union ministers not taken from those who demanded imposition of President’s rule in Rajasthan? Take the resignation of Gajendra Shekhawat first. Get the atonement for the crime of horse-trading, only then show the finger to Gehlot government.

In the case of Rajasthan, Saamna also defended Rahul Gandhi and taught the morality lesson to the BJP. In the case of Saamana it is written that in the case of Rajasthan, the condition of the BJP has become such that ‘something wanted to be done, something is done’ and there is no need to show flowers on the Congress and their working style. The infighting or new and old disputes in his party are not going to end. Rahul Gandhi is not to be allowed to succeed in any way, for this, as if such disputes are thrown up from time to time by certain people.

If the power of Madhya Pradesh came out of the hands of the Congress, Rajasthan was saved at the moment. The phone tapping in Rajasthan opened many secrets, but if someone listened secretly to the Congress leaders and conveyed it to Rahul Gandhi, there would be many sensational revelations. Some people have taken such a pledge that Rahul Gandhi is not to be allowed to work, it affects the entire opposition. Phone tapping is a blow to crime and personal liberty. It is unconstitutional to demolish a government that has been democratically ruled with the help of money and power, which is why a big crime should be decided.


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