Deepika Padukone’s big film will be seen with ‘Bahubali’


Mumbai: Since the release of Bahubali Prabhas Pan India has emerged as a star with a huge appeal. His stardom is not only seen in India but also internationally. Now the biggest information for Prabhas fans is coming out. Vyjayanthi Movies for their next film Prabhas and Deepika Padukone The historical pair has announced. With this, it is certain that this film will be the biggest film in the history of Indian cinema. This is why # Prabhas21 is trending on Twitter since morning.

This announcement is a sample of the best casting. A project made possible by Vyjayanthi Movies, producer C Ashwini Dutt, co-producers Swapna and Priyanka Dutt and director Ashwin Nag. Sharing his eagerness and talking about the project, director Nag Ashwin says, ‘I am very excited to see Deepika playing this role. This is something that no mainstream lead has done before, it will be a big surprise for everyone. The pair of Deepika and Prabhas will be one of the main highlights of the film and the story between them, I think, will remain fresh in the hearts of the audience for a few years to come. ‘

Shri C Ashwini Dutt, Producer and Founder of Vyjayanthi Movies said, ‘This film is a golden opportunity for us to establish our place in Indian cinema history. This is an incredible opportunity to thrill the Indian audience, which has never been seen before, and it will have amazing cinematic talent coming together.

Let us tell you that the film belongs to the science-fiction genre and is expected to be one of the most exciting films made in this production. Vyjayanthi Movies, founded by veteran producer C Ashwini Dutt, is a well-known name in the Telugu states. The production house has gained much acclaim and reputation for its grand cinema and has always been composing films on a huge canvas.

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