Defeated from the elderly family who defeated Corona, neither pick up the phone, nor take it home


new Delhi: Corona Epidemic (COVID-19 Pandemic) Has changed a lot. Even relationships have had a profound impact on it. Many people are behaving in their own way due to the fear of corona infection, which will humiliate humanity. There have been many cases in which people have refused to give their last rites to their families.

Many cases of betraying relationships have also been reported from hospitals. Among them, there are many senior citizens who have beaten Corona but lost themselves. These elderly people have recovered after treatment but are still forced to stay in the hospital.

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Actually, the family of these elders are not coming to take them. Even the people of many elderly people are not taking their phones. The 73-year-old Vinod JJ lives in the LNJP Hospital in Delhi. For the past 18 days, they have been waiting for their children to come. He is now fully recovered from Corona. The hospital also tried to contact his family but the family members have also stopped picking up the phone of the hospital. Not only this, the address they are referring to is locked there, the whole family is missing.

Nobody even came to the dead body
Dr. Ritu Saxena, deputy medical superintendent of LNJP, says that in the same way a 65-year-old man died due to Kovid-19, then his family did not even come to take his body. Finally, after a long wait, the hospital performed his last rites.

This disease has exposed such a painful aspect of humanity which is very worrying. Due to the rudeness of their loved ones, waiting for the family to come and die in the hospital itself is embarrassing for the whole society.

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