DNA ANALYSIS: Be careful if you repeatedly sanitize your mobile phone


new Delhi: More than 100 crore people use mobile phones in the country. Whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, our news is for you only. These days, thousands of bad mobile phones are reaching the mobile phone service centers. And the reason for the malfunction of those mobile phones is – sanitizer.

Actually, you clean your hands with sanitizer spray or gel and also clean the mobile with the same sanitizer. Mobile phones are getting spoiled due to the chemicals present in the sanitizer.

Touch your phone 2600 times a day
According to a research, a person touches his mobile phone about 2 thousand 600 times a day and scientists also believe that mobile phone is a big reason for spreading corona infection. In this case, it is also important to sanitize it. But there is also the risk of mobile phone malfunction.

Seeing this report, you must have understood how it can be spoiled by repeatedly sanitizing the mobile phone. But the question is what to do if you do not sanitize your mobile phone in this era of corona virus. Its simple solution is that you can take some precautions while sanitizing the mobile phone.

Clean your mobile like this
For example, do not accidentally sprinkle the sanitizer directly on the mobile phone. Clean the mobile phone every time with cotton or cotton cloth or tissue paper. Remove the mobile phone cover and clean it thoroughly. It must be kept in mind that any type of liquid mobile phone does not go inside the phone. After sanitizing the mobile phone, keep it aside for 5 minutes so that the chemicals on it dry up.

By sanitizing the mobile phone in this way, you can also avoid the corona virus and this will not spoil your mobile phone either.


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