Drug Controller Seeks Response On This Corona Drug, Notice Sent To Company


new Delhi: Coronavirus The drug controller has raised questions on the recently launched drug febiflu for treatment. The Drug Controller General of India has asked Glenmark, a company that makes and sells drugs, that the prices of this drug are not justified for the patients of a poor country. This notice has been sent on 17 July.

But the interesting thing is that the drug controller has also raised questions on the ability of this medicine. DCGI said, the company is claiming that this drug is also effective on other conditions related to corona such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The company has been asked on what basis this claim has been made.

In fact, Amol Kohle, an MP from Maharashtra, had written an objection saying that the price of this drug is very high. Earlier this drug was being available in India for Rs 103 per pill. On this basis, MP Kohle said that for 14 days, a patient will have to take this medicine after spending 12 thousand 500 rupees. This price is not right for a country like India.

However, Glenmark reduced the price of the medicine on 13 July itself. The price of a tablet, which is available for Rs 103, was reduced to Rs 75.

The company also claimed that while reducing the price, this drug has been launched at the lowest rate in India. The same medicine is available in Russia for Rs 600, Japan for Rs 378, Bangladesh 350 and China for Rs 215.

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On the news of seeking cleanliness from the drug controller, sources associated with the company say that they have not received any notice in writing so far. Only then will they be able to give any response.

However, he admitted that he has also received information about such notices. Glenmark is also studying 1000 patients in India to see how much this drug is doing.

On June 20, the Glenmark company announced that it has been approved to manufacture and sell anti-viral drugs known as favipiravir in India. The drug controller has approved the use of this drug on patients with mild symptoms of corona.

However, questions also arise on why the results of the study were not tested by the drug controller while giving approval and why nothing was said about the price of the drug for so many days.

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