Election Commission will decide on the suggestion of political parties, Bihar assembly election date


New Delhi / Patna: Bihar In the midst of Corona’s growing transition, the three-member team of the Union Health Ministry is on a state visit on Sunday, while the Central Election Commission has sought suggestions from all political parties in Bihar regarding elections in the state. In such a situation, the opinion of political parties about elections in Bihar has become very important amidst the increasing cases of Corona.

There is no consensus among political parties about holding elections. All the major political parties of Bihar including RJD, Congress are in favor of postponing elections in view of Corona epidemic. It is obvious that these parties will also send suggestions to the Election Commission according to their own opinion.

Earlier on Friday, nine opposition parties, including RJD and Congress, have submitted a memorandum to the Central Election Commission to hold elections in Bihar. Opposition parties have demanded that the Commission should take a decision only with the opinion of experts, so that people can exercise their democratic authority fearlessly and the right mandate can be prepared.

But despite all this, BJP and JDU are not in favor of postponing the election. BJP has made it clear that whatever decision the commission takes, they will respect it.

In this regard, senior BJP leader and MLA Nitin Naveen said, “We will respect whatever decision the commission takes in view of the situation in Bihar.”

BJP’s election preparation is going on The round of meetings are going on regarding elections. JDU’s virtual campaign is also going on. The JDU has once again made it clear that it is in favor of conducting elections in Bihar.

JCU Principal General Secretary KC Tyagi made it clear to the media, “His party is in favor of holding elections in Bihar. In view of Corona’s increasing infection, he said that it is a regular visit of the Union Health Ministry team to Bihar. “In states where the corona cases are high, the central team goes. In such a situation, there is no change in the stand of their party.”

It is clear that two major parties of Bihar are in favor of elections, while RJD, Congress, RLSP, HAM and NDA partner LJP are also in favor of postponement due to Corona. In such a situation, the suggestion sent by political parties becomes very important. The Commission will take a decision based on the suggestions and ideas of these parties.

Significantly, the Election Commission has sought opinion in this regard from all the 7 recognized national and 43 state political parties. By 31 July, the Election Commission of India has to take a decision on holding elections in Bihar only on the suggestion of all these parties.
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