Elephant dies due to electric wire

Jalpaiguri: An elephant died due to electrocution in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The elephant was eating jackfruit from the jackfruit tree and then the high voltage was hit by the electric wire, on the other hand, the members of the forest department and environment lovers are very worried after the incident of the death of two elephants due to electrocution in the last two days. . According to the information, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, people of the staff quarters of Nagarakata Bamandanga tea garden in Jalpaiguri district heard the roar of the elephant. When they reached the spot, they saw a giant elephant lying in dead state near the jackfruit tree. High voltage electric pole has fallen in his body. As news of the elephant’s death spread, people in large numbers started gathering there. Some people started worshiping the elephant by offering flowers and burning incense sticks. OC Sanju Burman of Nagarakata police station said that this morning he received the news of an elephant lying dead near the staff quarters of Bamandanga tea garden in Nagarakata. Immediately it was reported to the forest officials of the Diana range. Forest officer reached the spot and started investigating the incident. Here, a person named Mukesh Chaudhuri said that elephants are being attacked in the village almost every day. Last night the elephant entered the village. The roaring of the elephant was suddenly heard in the early morning today. In the morning they saw a giant elephant lying dead. The electric pole is broken on his body. Environment-loving organization ‘Spar’ Secretary Shaima Prasad Pandey said that in recent times the number of elephant deaths in North Bengal has been steadily increasing. He said that electric wires are seen swinging in the air in the tea gardens and villages around the forest. Elephants are dying due to these electric wires. He said that the power department has been urgently demanded to fix it. At the same time, Diana’s Ranger Rajkumar Lyek told that as soon as the news was received, they got ready to take stock of the situation. He said the body of an elephant is wrapped with electric wire. Mr. Lyek arrived here from Nathuyar forest to eat ripe jackfruit in the staff quarters at Bamandanga tea garden. He said the body of the elephant has been sent for post-mortem. Even after the post mortem report, the real causes of death will be known.

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Elephant dies due to electric wire

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