English Medium Schools in Siliguri

English Medium Schools in Siliguri
English Medium Schools in Siliguri

There are a lot of English Medium schools in Siliguri of different boards(like ICSE, CBSE, WB).

The oldest English medium School in Siliguri is Mahbert High School.

It has got one of the most precious schools in West Bengal.

There are great schools for boys, girls, and even the best co-educational schools. now, even there are schools which prepare students for entrances during school time.

List of English Medium Schools in Siliguri

  1. Delhi Public School (CBSE)
  2. St. Michael’s School (ICSE)
  3. St. Joseph’s High School (ICSE)
  4. St. Xavier’s School (ICSE)
  5. Margaret (S.N.) English High School
  6. Nirmala Convent School (ICSE)
  7. Auxilium Convent School
  8. Modi Public School
  9. Lincolns High School (ICSE)
  10. Royal Academy
  11. Isabella School, Siliguri (ICSE)
  12. Techno India Group Public School
  13. IICE Educational Academy
  14. D.A.V.School, Fulbari, Siliguri
  15. Sacred Heart High school (ICSE)
  16. Birla Divya Jyoti School
  17. G.D. Goenka Public School
  18. North Point Residential School, CBSE
  19. Shri Ram Centennial School
  20. Narayana School
  21. Baribhasa Central School (CBSE)
  22. Champion International School (IGCSE)
  23. Himalayan English School
  24. Milton English High School
  25. Al Ameen Mission Siliguri
  26. Angela English School
  27. Baribhasha Central School
  28. Siliguri Model High School
  29. North Point Residential School
  30. New St John’s School
  31. Sunrise English Medium School
  32. Isabella School
  33. Holy Cross English School
  34. Darjeeling Public School
  35. Bagha Jatin Vidyapith(H.S)
  36. Amarpati Lions Citizens Public School
  37. New Little Flower School
  38. Siliguri Model High School (Senior Secondary School)
  39. Hindi Balika Vidyapith
  40. Mother Teresa School
  41. Little Kids English School
  42. St. Michael’s School, Siliguri
  43. Sri Krishna Pranami Vidya Niketan
  44. Siliguri Baradakanta Vidyapith (H.S)
  45. Jermel’s Academy School
  46. Jotsnamoyee Girls’ High School
  47. Nirmaan Vidya Jyoti School
  48. Sri Sri Academy (SSA), Siliguri
  49. Bright Academy, Jyotinagar
  50. Modella Caretaker Centre And School

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