Entertainment News: Know with whom Arjun Rampal is spending so much time


new Delhi: Arjun Rampal And Meher was saying the same to Jessia at the time of the dive, that he would not be able to live without his two daughters Mahika and Myra. She gave her XWife her Chand Mahal flat, but with the condition that she would never stop him from meeting daughters.

Arjun is the new age dad
Arjun’s relationship with his girlfriend model Gabriela Demiratiates and even after the birth of a son did not stop meeting his daughters. Two days ago, his son Aric was one year old. At the time of lock down, Arjun invites his daughters in this function. Significantly, both of Arjun’s daughters love their younger brother.

Arjun’s daughters are the first
Actually, at the time Arjun entered the film industry, he was married to Meher. At one time they were both top models. Meher did not like Arjun to act in films and was strictly avoiding film gossip.

Arjun believes that if daughters were not there, they would have separated from Meher long ago. Before the divorce, he called the two daughters and explained, counseling them how much Papa wants them and will always want to. Arjun has maintained from the beginning that the wife can be X, children are never X.

Such celebrated son’s birthday
Arjun’s cute little son is as beautiful as his father. Arjun believes that he will give the same rites to the sons that he has given to the daughters. In this happiness of the son, both elder sisters joined by taking lots of gifts. Arjun’s girlfriend Gabriella’s parents were also with him. Arjun’s elder daughter wants to do modeling and younger daughter wants to become a writer. Sharing moments of comfort with her children, Arjun shared many pictures on Instagram.

Like Arjun Rampal, Saif Ali Khan is very close to his two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim. Children are also involved in family functions. Farhan Akhtar, along with Adhuna, gives full time to his daughters after divers and keeps a close watch on their studies.

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