Entertainment News: Now Ranveer Shourie told the reality of Bollywood, said – I had to leave the country ‘


new Delhi: After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the uproar on social media is not taking the name of any longer. Here again and again the dark face of Bollywood is coming out. Indin Bollywood Vs. Kangana Ranaut Twitter war continues. From there, some Bollywood celebs are making provocative tweets on Twitter against some of Kangana’s statements. The bitter truth of Bollywood industry is continuously coming out these days. Ranveer Shorey is also speaking openly in the ongoing Anurag Kashyap-Kangana Ranaut Controversy since the past. He has told some shocking things in the midst of this debate.

Kangana Ranaut has now put many big names in the dock. But slowly, many artists are recounting themselves by supporting them. It is understood that this has happened to him alone, there are many other Bollywood actors who have found themselves trapped in a whirlpool in this industry. Know how Ranvir Shorey surprised everyone by telling his story.

Ranveer Shorey has become very active on social media these days. Ranveer Shourie has recalled his days of struggle on social media. Ranveer has told how at one time he too was left alone in Bollywood, how an attempt was made to discredit him.

Ranveer wrote in the tweet, ‘I cannot take the name of anyone because I have no proof. But I speak on these issues because all of this has happened to me as well, leave it alone, speak wrong, spread false news in the media. I have been very upset till 2003-05. All these people have done this to me whose names are coming out even today. I was saved only because I had family and friends with me. I had to leave the country because such a bad atmosphere was created against me. Now it was a coincidence – no, it was done intentionally – yes. I was only 33 years old then.

After this disclosure of Ranvir Shorey, people are getting angry and increasing against the camp of Bollywood and nepotism. People are commenting in their support on their posts.

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