Father kills innocent children and wife with a hammer


new Delhi: It is said that any common man makes every effort to safeguard his family. He spends his entire life raising his children. But if the same person becomes a hero, then what can happen is that you can guess it by listening to the incident of Shiv Park under Nihal Vihar police station in Outer Delhi.

A heartbreaking incident was carried out in a house here. According to police, 29-year-old Preity, who came to live with her husband and two children a month ago, had a 9-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

This family was living in this house for the last one month. Preity’s family alleges that Gagan often quarreled with Preeti after drinking alcohol. But no one thought that the end of the quarrel between husband and wife would be so dreadful.

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At 11 am on July 19, Preeti’s father Surender Gupta called Priti when no one picked up the phone. Preeti’s father, who lives in a nearby street, reached the daughter’s house, opening the door of the house as soon as she saw the ground slipped under her feet.

The scene inside the house was very creepy. The body of Preeti and the two children were lying on the bed. The trio was hit several times by something heavy on their head, which led to their death.

The police also found a hammer-like item from the house. It is feared that the attack may have happened from him.

Her husband Gagan is being absconding since the incident. The family and the police suspect that Gagan will have the hand behind this triple murder. At present, the police have registered the case and sent the bodies for postmortem.

The police team is searching for the woman’s husband. But the people around are surprised that the father who loves his two innocent children can be so shocked that he can kill his entire family.

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