FBI accuses China of these serious allegations, China warns of tough action in return


Houston: Tensions in China and the United States have increased even more after China’s forcible closure in Houston. It is being said that federal officials are searching for a Chinese scientist accused of visa fraud, which they say has been hidden by China in San Francisco’s Chinese Consulate.

According to CNN, the prosecutors allege that Taing Xuan lied about his Chinese military connections to gain entry to the US and has since taken refuge in the West Coast Diplomatic Mission to avoid arrest.

According to the court, on June 26, a charge of visa fraud was settled in the court, according to the prosecutor, he hid his relationship with the Chinese military in his visa application but our researchers found out that he was a researcher at Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) Has been posted on the post of

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According to CNN, in an interview with FBI agents on June 20, Taing categorically denied that he had ever worked for the Chinese military, stating that it was mandatory for attendees at FMMU to wear military uniforms because it was a military school .

However, after a search of his home and electronic appliances, FBI agents may have found some evidence of Taing’s relationship with the PLA. So far, many attempts have been made to arrest him.

On Wednesday, China threatened to retaliate after the Houston Consulate was shut down. Meanwhile, the Chinese state media is pointing to the possibility of closing one of the many American diplomatic missions spread across China.

China’s Foreign Ministry had reacted to this order of the US and said that it has become too much and has also indicated that it will also retaliate. In Houston, Chinese officials were also seen burning documents in the council’s verandah.

The relationship between the two countries has increased after the trade deal war, the Corona virus epidemic, human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong in China and continued criticism of China by the US.


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