Gehlot government has majority, so why was the hotel closed for so many days: Kataria


Jaipur / Vishnu Sharma: Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria said that if the government has a majority, then why has the hotel remained closed for so many days. Government of Rajasthan Should have proved a majority in the House long ago. Kataria reacted to the situation after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met Governor Kalraj Mishra.

Kataria said that, I have been saying since long that if the majority is there, then the government should prove it on the floor test. At the time of disaster, any government stays, it works. The impact of this quarrel on the public is not as much on any political party.

Gulabchand Kataria said that while handing over support to the government of BTP MLAs, it is a fall of politics. Two days ago were accused of taking hostage, now giving support. He has a weakness in his mind somewhere. Taking such steps for the dignity of democracy is not right for any party.

BJP The leader said that if a party wants to give support, it can give from outside, why should it be closed in jail? This step of BTP somewhere creates doubt in the public’s mind. Earlier, Rajasthan BJP Chief Satish Poonia said that, the government is in a tizzy. It does not yet have a majority figure.

On the question of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot meeting the Governor, Poonia said that if there is a majority, he will prove it, but for many days, it does not seem that he has a majority. In response to another question, Poonia said that whatever constitutional and legal role of BJP will remain as opposition, they are considering it.

At the same time, on the question of the attitude of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the present situation, Poonia said that, the sooner the government goes away, the more it is good for the public. Satish Pooni said that the matter is going on in court. Based on the decision of the court, the BJP will decide what to do.

Here, on the support of the BTP MLAs to the government, Poonia said that the government is in the midst and can balance that figure of BTP (BTP). He said that, BTP MLAs sometimes run away from government camp, sometimes come back. I understand that, there is instability between regional parties, independent MLAs, the situation of majority is not clear yet.


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