Terror in Champsari due to rumors of bomb found in Siliguri

Terror in Champsari due to rumors of bomb found in Siliguri!to be able to increase the talk from one mouth to another without being tested and heard. But those who believe in scientific belief and research, such people do not pay attention to rumors. Although the number of such people in the whole country is not even 1%.

Rumors began to show their color since the Corona period. Today, the whole country is terrorized by rumors more than those who are not beset by Corona. A rumor terrorized Siliguri today amid the lockdown in Siliguri and increasing cases of coronavirus. Because the lock down is going on in Siliguri, work is not going on in private and government institutions, shops, establishments are closed, but central government offices, banks, post offices etc. are open.

This time around twelve and one o’clock this morning there was a stir in the Pradhan Nagar Post Office, when an employee monitoring the parcel from outside noticed that smoke was coming out of a parcel. He thought that there might be a bomb in the parcel and due to rain, the bomb was about to explode. After imagining this, the employee screamed. After that, after hearing his voice, other people working in the post office also reached the parcel department. No one saw anything again and the bombs came out with the screams of the bomb, running from employee to officer. People also came to know that there is a bomb in a parcel, so its discussion also spread in the vicinity.

The officials of the postal department informed this to the Pradhan Nagar police station. By the time the police reached the spot, the rumor of the bomb had spread throughout the Champsari area. Police officers from the Pradhan Nagar police station, bomb squad team, dog squad team etc. are busy reaching the spot to find out the truth. According to the information revealed so far, a person from Amritsar sent a parcel to a person in Malla Gudi of Siliguri. Smoke emanating from the same parcel was seen by a post office worker. Since then, he has spread the rumor of bomb bomb around. The Principal City Police has not yet confirmed whether a bomb has been hidden in the parcel or a bomb has been found there. The police is engaged in the investigation. The bomb squad team is also doing its work. In a short time you will know what the whole thing is.

स्रोत लिंक

सिलीगुड़ी में बम मिलने की अफवाह के कारण चंपासरी में आतंक!

सिलीगुड़ी में बम मिलने की अफवाह के कारण चंपासरी में आतंक!


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