How ready is China to win the race for space! What is the biggest challenge


Beijing: This is not China’s first attempt to unearth the mysteries of Mars, in fact Tianwen-1 is the vehicle through which China wants to win the war of space wars with America. Earlier in 2011, China started Mars mission with Russia which failed and after 9 years, it is working on the goal of winning the race of Mars on its own.

On Thursday, China sent a vehicle to Mars to tell the world that it is not less than the US in space war. On the other hand, America, which retains its own reign and is desirous of becoming a new superpower, does not leave an opportunity to tell itself ahead of each other in the space of space after sea.

In this episode, where America was to leave its vehicle on 30 July, China decided a date a few days before to take the lead in the race. The dragon named the mission Tianwen-1, a reference to the famous poem ‘Questions to Heaven’, which mentions the entire work.

It is believed that after the weather is favorable, China launched its largest space rocket from the southern island of Hainan. According to Chinese scientists, Tianwen-1 will reach the destination in February 2021 after completing about 55 million kilometers in seven months. In this mission, a lander and rover will also accompany the Morse orbiter who will study the soil of Mars.

At the same time, the United Arab Emirates sent a vehicle to Mars on Monday, which will start the study after reaching the red planet. Earlier in the late 1990s, the US 4 rover had left for Mars. The Mars mission is now set to send an SUV-shaped vehicle, which aims to bring the soil and rock samples to Earth by 2031, along with identifying the ancient micro-organisms and examining the signs. .

China has made considerable progress in this area in the last decade. In 2013, he completed a manned mission to space, Asia’s powerhouse China has moved very far towards building its own space station by 2022, which can further strengthen its hold on the earth. Earlier, China has also sent two ships to the moon and in the second mission, by landing in the untouched part of the moon, it achieved the honor of being the first country to do so.

China has completed preparations to meet the requirements associated with this Mars mission in the northeast of Helangjiang Province, with the development of its remote western Xinjiang province monitoring station. Earlier, America, Russia, Europe, Japan and India have made many efforts regarding the Mars mission.


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