IIT student created his own kidnapping trap, will be surprised to know the reason


new Delhi: The message on the mobile of the father of a child living in Rohini, ‘If you want to see your child alive, then keep five lakh rupees till tomorrow’, read such a message about his engineer son who came out of his father’s feet The ground slipped under it.

The father immediately reported the son’s kidnap to the PCR, as soon as the police got into action as soon as the local police got the kidnap of the engineer boy passed out from the IIT. The father told the police that his son had left the house at 6 o’clock, since which he did not return home, his mobile phone is also being switched off from 8 o’clock.

The police came into action immediately after the news of the engineer being kidnapped in such a way from the IIT of Delhi. The CCTV nearby was reconstructed and saw the engineer boy walking. The police also searched the boy’s mobile CDR which revealed his last location, the police found the boy’s last location Sarai Rohilla. The police team immediately reached Sarai Rohilla railway station.

Took information about the arrival of trains from the station master, the police showed the boy going to the railway station in CCTV. Police investigation found that the boy’s name was written in the reservation chart. The contact that was the reservation of the boy in the Kranti Rajdhani Express had left for Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The police questioned the GRP about the boy, and the boy’s photo was sent to the Alwar GRP but nothing was known about the boy there as well, Delhi Police had sent the boy’s photo everywhere, the police got the news that the boy The same train was going to land in Jaipur, with the help of GRP, the boy was stopped and meanwhile Delhi Police reached Jaipur with the boy’s family and brought the boy back to Delhi.

When the police questioned the boy back, he told the police that after doing engineering from Delhi’s IIT, he wanted to do MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. Even after trying twice, he was not able to pass his entrance, he came under a lot of mental pressure, after which he planned suicide, first he messaged his father to be his kidnap so that he had full time to commit suicide. But he could not succeed in his plans due to the quickness of the police. After counseling the boy was sent home with the family. In this way, the Delhi Police showed the quickness and saved the life of a promising engineer from Delhi IIT.

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