In September itself, the White House was warned of the devastation from the epidemic, Trump’s former economic advisor claims


Washington: Former Trump Administration economist Todd Phillipson (Todas philipson) Stated that Corona (CoronavirusOf America ()America) 3 months before he was knocked out, his team had warned the White House of the terrible shadow of the terrible threat of the Corona epidemic.

Philipson served 3 years as executive chairman of the Administration Council of Economic Advisors before resigning in June, now he has moved on to a professor job at the University of Chicago. According to the Wall Street Journal, he was also infected Corona a month before leaving the White House.

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On Friday, he told CNN about his CEA report, which he co-authored. Titled ‘Mitigating the impact of pandemic Influenza through Vaccine Innovation’, the report warns that the pandemic could send 5 million Americans to death and cause $ 3.79 trillion in damage to the US economy.

Trump is adamant that no one had anticipated such a huge impact from the corona epidemic and neither could stop it. And according to Philipson, it is not unusual that there should be disagreement among White House officials about what the president’s strategy should be on a particular issue.

This entire debate process forced Philipson to say goodbye to the Trump administration 2 months earlier, while his return to Chicago University was already scheduled 2 months later.

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