Jhunjhunu: Forest Department in preparation for environmental protection, planted 1 lakh 35 thousand plants


Sandeep Kedia / Jhunjhunu: ‘This year you will make you queen of the earth’. This Desh Bhakti song is from the 80s film ‘Kranti’, starring Manoj Kumar and Dilip Kumar. This song still instills patriotism in the countrymen. But these days Chirani Nursery of Khetri in the district In this, the tune of this song is heard from the mouth of NREGA workers.

At Chirani Nursery Forest department A special team of NREGA personnel is preparing plants for environmental protection. Preserving the environment is also a patriotic act in itself! Under the leadership of Ranger Vijay Kumar Fagedia of the forest department, preparations for the coming year are in full swing regarding environmental protection these days.

Fruit, flowering and shade plants are being prepared in the nursery. This year of monsoon Rajasthan Khetri Forest Department team completed its target of plantation according to the guidelines of the state government, before knocking in.

Along with this, in the Chirani nursery for the coming year, the plantation of fruitful, flowering and shady plants in lakhs has started. Ranger Vijay Kumar Fagedia told that, the state government and Jhunjhunu According to the instruction of DFO RK Hooda, plantation target of 1 lakh 35 thousand plants was found, which has been completed before the arrival of monsoon. More than 40 thousand saplings have been planted by the Forest Department.

Apart from this, the remaining plants have been distributed to other departments, NGOs, NGOs. Ranger Vijay Kumar told that, for the coming year, polythene bag saplings are being prepared by planting NREGA personnel and the Forest Department team. Plants will sprout when the monsoon arrives and entire plants will be ready for distribution throughout the year, which will be planted at many places in the wild sanctuary.

To keep the environment green, native manure is being used by the team of Forest Department to prepare fruit, flowering and shady plants. Ranger Vijay Kumar told that, Mingani manure of goats is called from the surrounding areas and smooth soil and red soil is called from the forest area of ​​Jasrapur, which is mixed in a certain proportion and then the slurry is prepared. The solution is dried and filled in polythene bags and plants are planted in it.

Chirani Nursery also has a nursery of Khetri Forest Department, in which plants are prepared by the team of Forest Department continuously. This time the specialty of this nursery is that special plants have been prepared by sourcing seeds of Taiwanese papaya of 35 so rup tola, which are giving a lot of interest to the people of Khetri region. The size of Taiwanese papaya is quite large and it is sweet to eat. Along with this, herbal plants have also been prepared, which include plants like salar, sycamore and arjun.


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