Kidnapper who took ransom amount of 30 lakh in front of police, also killed person


Lucknow: Kanpur Police (Kanpur Police) Once again, questions have started to arise. The case is dated July 13, after the family of the missing young man told the police that the kidnapper (Kidnapper) Had decided to give money. The police believed that she would catch the miscreants. But the vicious miscreants escaped in front of the police with a ransom of Rs 30 lakh and the police kept on watching.

In fact, on June 22, a young man went missing in Kanpur. After about a week, family members were constantly getting calls for ransom. When the entire incident was reported to the police, he asked the family to deposit the ransom amount and give it to the accused. The police assured the family that they would nab criminals while giving ransom money. If the young man gets a successful recovery then we will bring back the money.

After which the family, believing the police’s words, reached the place of the kidnappers on July 13 with the ransom money. But the crooks were so involved that they dodged the police and took a bag full of money and nothing was known about the kidnapping. It is alleged that the accused kept talking to the missing youth’s father for about half an hour and the police could not catch him. On the whole planning of the police, the crooks escaped after throwing water and the police could not do anything. This whole incident has raised questions about the police action.

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Let us tell you that Sanjeet Yadav (27), a resident of Barra area of ​​Kanpur, used to work in a private pathology. When he did not return home on the night of 22 June, the family searched for a lot, but nothing was found out. After this, the family informed the police. But on June 23, the police registered a case of disappearance and supplied food. About a week later, calls for ransom from the kidnappers started. The police kept on tracking him.

Now a month after the incident, the police informed the family that Sanjit had died. On hearing this news, the family members were in a bad condition after crying. The family alleged that due to the negligence of the police, their child died. The police have currently detained four youths in this case. Those who have confessed that they killed Sanjit Yadav on 26 or 27 and threw his body in the Pandu river.

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In this case, Kanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar Prabhu says that a young Sanjeet was written missing on June 23 in the police station Barra area, later on June 26, he was converted into an FIR. On June 29 in 364, a call was received to the family for ransom, a separate team was formed in this case, some people were detained by him, who are 2 special friends of Sanjeet. Apart from this, he has worked with Sanjit in pathology, he has confessed that he was murdered by him on 26 or 27 June and has set the dead body in Pandu river, tried to find the dead body. Are going


What happened when-
22 June On the night, Sanjeet was kidnapped while coming home from the hospital.

23 June On the family members of the Janta Nagar outpost, he declared his disappearance.

26 June On the order of SSP, a report was registered against Rahul Yadav.

29 June The kidnapper called Sanjit’s family for a ransom of 30 lakhs.

5 July Family members blocked Shastri Chowk and accused police of not taking action

12 July The SP South office was reappointed in this regard

13 July On the next day, the family threw a bag containing ransom amount of 30 lakhs down from the Gujini bridge, but still Sanjit did not come.

14 July The family members complained to the SSP and IG range, after which Sanjit was assured to be recovered in 4 days.

16 July Barra Inspector Ranjit Rai was suspended and given charge to Surveillance Cell Incharge Harmeet Singh.


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