Kota: BJP opens front against electricity department, warns of blackening


Mukesh Soni / Kota: Regarding the protest against the farmers filling the VCR in the wrong way and demanding to streamline the power system in the villages, BJP The legislators have opened a front against the electricity department. A BJP delegation led by MLA Sandeep Sharma, Kalpana Devi and former MLA Hiralal Nagar registered a protest by submitting a memorandum to the Superintendent Engineer of the Electricity Department.

BJP The leaders alleged that the farmers are being treated half-way by the department. Also, VCR is being deliberately filled by electing BJP workers. This hooliganism will not be tolerated. At the same time, BJP MLA Sandeep Sharma said that, the department officials go to the farmer’s fields. Cut off their connection. WCRs fill up incorrectly. This action is being done by identifying BJP supported and BJP workers.

He said that if the electricity department does not improve the attitude, a big movement will be done. MLA Kalpana Devi said that farmers are already worried. It has not even rained properly. Officers are going to villages and removing wires from transformers. The VCR is being filled by unilateral action. The electricity department is unnecessarily harassing the farmer and the poor.

At the same time, former MLA Hiralal Nagar said that, Congress leaders and contested leaders here, BJP They are making lists of activists and giving them to the officials. Officers are executing this work as their slaves. Three phase electricity is not available in villages for more than 3 hours. VCRs are being filled from homes to fields.

BJP The leaders warned that, if it is not repeated, they will not allow the officials to enter the villages, if they enter, they will be blackened.


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