Meet India’s young Corona Warrior, who has waged a battle against Kovid-19 in a different way


new Delhi: Shubhang Arora is one of the young Corona Warriors of India. Shubhang is an Indian entrepreneur, businessman and investor who is currently the executive director of the Yashoda Group of Hospitals. Apart from this, Shubhang is also the founder, managing director and largest shareholder of Yashoda Pathlabs. Yashoda Pathlabs is a chain of diagnostic pathlabs in North India.

Born on 25 April 1995 in Ghaziabad, Shubhang did his schooling from Pathways World School in Noida and received an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, English, Hindi. After this, he got admission in New York University’s College of Arts and Science in America. Shubhang graduated from here in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After this, Shubhang made his debut as the executive director of Yashoda. The chain has three multi-specialty hospitals with more than 750 beds. Here, the best treatment is provided in Interventional Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Neurology.

Beginning under a mission
As an executive director, Shubhang’s mission from the beginning was to provide quality and affordable healthcare facilities to patients coming from within and outside the country. As a board member under this mission, he took the biggest step by providing better treatment facilities to economically weaker patients at a very low and reasonable fee. These included especially those patients who were victims of any crime or accident.

Received many prestigious awards
In the last few years, Shubhang has taken several important steps to modernize and improve the delivery of healthcare facilities in India. Due to the steps taken in his leadership, the hospitals of Yashoda Group became sustainable and carbon neutral. In 2019, the Yashoda Group received the prestigious Green and Clean Hospital Platinum Certificate from Bureau Veritas, UK. Yashoda was the third hospital in India to receive this recognition. Apart from this, Yashoda also received AHPI Healthcare Excellence Award, 2020 in Green Hospital category. Yashoda also received the Healthcare Leadership Award. These awards and recognitions were the result of efforts under Shubhang’s mission to improve global healthcare delivery. Shubhang has always believed that there is immense potential for improvement in this field.

800-bedded hospital ‘Medicity’
Shubhang considers it as his responsibility as a young entrepreneur so that he can reduce the problems of the people by improving the healthcare facilities. Moving towards his goal, Shubhang Arora is now going to build an 800-bed hospital ‘Medicity’ at Indirapuram in Ghaziabad. Under this, their effort is to fill the gaps in medical care in Asia and to improve the quality.

His dream is to create an international healthcare ecosystem that focuses on exceptional diagnostic and interventional medicine. But it should also take care of preventive care and wellness, which will encourage a healthy and happy global society.

Fight against Kovid-19
Since the beginning of the Kovid-19 pandemic, Shubhang has been working non-stop in the war against it, so that the disease can be fought and its severity can be reduced. In his leadership, the Yashoda Group is conducting thousands of corona virus tests daily in its hospitals. The hospital has separate ward, room, ICU and CCU for the treatment of corona virus patients. Patients with mild, moderate and severe symptoms are being treated from all over North and East India.

This wing includes the hospital’s own diagnostic facilities such as x-rays, ultrasound, echo and CT scan. Along with this, there is also a facility of ventilator for serious patients. The hospital also has NABL accredited and ICMR approved real time RT-PCR COVID testing lab. It is currently the only functional lab in Delhi, NCR, Ghaziabad.

Under the guidance and mentorship of eminent respiratory experts of the world, the hospital is providing available and recommended therapies to the patients for the treatment of corona. It also includes plasma therapy with HCQ, Lopinavir-Ritonavir, Remdesivir, Tocilizumab. The team has so far successfully treated several serious patients of Kovid-19 and has cured them and sent them to their home safely.


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