NCERT book removed separatist politics chapter, article 370 topic added


new Delhi: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) amended a text of the 12th grade political science book, removing paragraphs on separatist politics in Jammu and Kashmir from it and a brief mention of the abolition of special status of the state last year Have done

The NCERT has revised the text “Politics of India after Independence” in the text book for the academic session 2020-21. “Separatism and beyond” has been removed from the text, while the topic of abolishing Article 370 has been included under the topic “Regional Aspirations”.

It is worth mentioning that on August 5 last year, the Central Government had abolished the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and divided the state into two union territories Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

In the excerpt from separatism which has been removed from the text, it was said that a section of the separatists wants Kashmir as a separate nation from India and Pakistan. Another faction wants Kashmir to be merged with Pakistan. The third section wants more autonomy for the people of the state under the Indian Union.

The text also mentions the President’s rule imposed in June 2018 when the BJP withdrew support to the Mehbooba Mufti government. At the end of it, mention has been made to remove the provision of Article 370.

In the revised section about Jammu and Kashmir, it has been said that under the Constitution of India, Jammu Kashmir had special status under Article 370. Despite this the region witnessed violence, cross-border terrorism and political instability which had internal and external effects.

In this excerpt, it has been said that a lot of lives were lost as a result of innocent civilians, including security forces. Apart from this, a large number of Kashmiri Pandits were displaced from the Kashmir Valley.

The amended excerpt states, “On 5 August 2019, Parliament approved the abolition of special status obtained under Article 370. Divided the state into two union territories – Ladakh without assembly and Jammu and Kashmir with it. The revised textbook mentions the developments in Jammu and Kashmir since 2002.


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