New Traffic Rules

New Traffic Rules 2019

Siliguri Metropolitan Police have taken variety of latest measures to manage traffic and curb violation of rules in and around the town.

SectionOffenseNew Penalty ₹Old Penalty ₹
181Driving without a Licence 5000500
194BNot Wearing a seat belt1000100
179Disobedience of orders of authorities2000500
185Drink & Drive100002000
192AVehicle without Permit 100005000
194Overloading of Vehicles (Truck) 20000/- ( 1st one ton) + 2000 (every tons)2000/- ( 1st one ton) + 1000 (every tons) 
194AOverloading of Vehicles (Passenger) 1000.00 (Per Passenger)No Provision
184Dangerous Driving50001000
184Mobile Phone use While Driving10000No Provision
194ENot Giving pass to emergency Vehicles5000500
183Over Speeding (Light Vehicle)2000400
134Hit & Run Cases (Injury)5000012500
134Hit & Run Cases (Death)20000050000
177Road Regulation Violation500100

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