Only statewide lock-in Apna Siliguri s new market

The second phase of lock down is starting in Siliguri from 23 July, which will run till 29 July. The local administration has announced this. After this, the question was arising whether the new market of Siliguri wholesale market would also be closed for 7 days? Wouldn’t loading unloading from bulk market for mountain, lowland and different areas of North Bengal? Many such questions were arising. Today answers to these questions have been received.

Siliguri’s wholesale market Naya Bazaar is famous all over North Bengal as Essentials Market. From here, essential commodities are supplied to various districts of North Bengal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Doors etc. The new market was closed for the last 4 days and after the second phase of lockdown started in Siliguri, it was speculated that the new market would also be closed. But today the officials of Siliguri Merchants Association have revealed that the new market has nothing to do with the Siliguri lockdown. Yes, the statewide lockdown will be followed as per the instructions of the state government, which is Thursday and Saturday this week. The market is closed on Sundays. This means that the new market will be open on Friday.

Siliguri Merchants Association President Karan Singh Jain said that after a meeting with administrative officials, it has been decided that vehicles have been installed here for loading unloading for the last several days, they will not be stopped. Keeping in mind the social distancing, the loading of trains will be unloading. Officials said that the goods will be delivered in pickup level trains on Friday. While the big vehicles will remain closed.

The General Secretary of Siliguri Merchants Association said that in our conversation with DM, we put it in front of them that due to the ongoing rains for the last several days, the essential items loaded in trucks are getting spoiled. If they are not unloading quickly, they will deteriorate. After this, the DM gave exemption to the officials of Siliguri Merchant Association for loading unloading. After Friday, the new Siliguri market will open on Monday. After that, according to the latest situation of Corona, the condition and direction of the market will be decided only with the consent of the administration.

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Only statewide lock-in Siliguri s new market

Only statewide lock-in Apna Siliguri s new market

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