People in Kashmir will be surprised to know this kind of appeal to wear masks


Srinagar: An Urdu newspaper from Kashmir adopted a unique way to make people aware of coronavirus. The newspaper attached a mask on its front page and appealed to people to wear it. When the readers got this newspaper this morning, they were surprised. On the front page of the newspaper, the mask was attached on the left side and on the right side it was written in Urdu, ‘Mask use is necessary.’

People have liked this style of this newspaper named ‘Roshni’. The newspaper requested to wear masks in a completely different way, which people are liking.

Zahoor Shora, editor of the local Urdu daily ‘Roshni’ in Srinagar said about this unique experiment, “We thought it was important to convey this message to the public and it was a good way to convince them of the importance of wearing masks.”

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Mazmil, a resident of Srinagar, said, ‘A newspaper costs around 2 rupees and if the publisher is giving free masks with it, just because they want people to be aware of its importance, then we should appreciate it. This step gives a big message. ‘

Please tell that 751 corona virus cases were reported in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday, which was the highest number of cases recorded in a day. In the last 24 hours, 254 deaths were also recorded. Now the union territory has 6,122 active cases, while 8,274 patients have been cured. Officials say that Srinagar district recorded the highest number of 171 new cases on Monday.

Experts believe that wearing face masks and maintaining social distance are the strongest weapons to protect against the corona virus.

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