Pilot responded to CM Gehlot’s allegations, said- I will also take action on MLAs


Jaipur: Sachin Pilot has also responded to the sharp attacks of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Pilot said that I am saddened by such statements but not surprised. This is a result of raising voice against the leadership of the government in Rajasthan. This attack is an attempt to spoil my image. The legislators who have accused me of buying and selling, will take legal action against them.

Let us know that the political storm that has arisen in the politics of Rajasthan Government has not stopped yet. At this time, the attitude of CM Ashok Gehlot is very sharp. Today, while attacking Sachin Pilot, he has even spoken to the pilot.

Gehlot attacked the pilot without giving a name, and said that he is our partner. Became state president in 35 years, became deputy chief minister. You became everything in 10-12 years of games. The way he played after that is very unfortunate. Nobody could believe it.

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I never questioned how much work he is doing, how much work he is able to do. We knew what was happening, nothing was happening man. Within 7 years, no one within Rajasthan demanded to remove the pilot that we knew to be removed from the post of president. It is worthless. They are fighting empty people. Is not doing anything

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Raj CM Gehlot said these things
Culture in Rajasthan is like this. We did not want one in Delhi to feel like we are fighting amongst ourselves. We never spoke a word against him. Age is behind, position is large. I taught that if the state president comes, he should stand up but that person should be ready to stab the back of the Congress for the BJP. During the Rajya Sabha elections of Rajasthan, such a conspiracy was hatched. See the dream of becoming the President of Congress, but do corporate house. The lawyer is speaking from Mumbai right now from London. Whose lawyer is there, corporate house lawyer. The fees for a muscle are 50-4000000 lacs. This entire corporate house is set up. They are doing all this to please Modi ji. I would like to say that this is a big conspiracy to topple the Congress government.

Message had already arrived
I had already received a message that there will be raids on the people of the Chief Minister. There is so much hooliganism. Whether CBI is ED or Income Tax Department within the country. Yesterday Poonia, Rathore saheb went to Delhi. Earlier Sachin went and came back overnight by joining the conspiracy. When you went to the pilot, you used to drive by yourself. Used to leave the whole convoy. Police did not take it. Used to covertly. The person who does things secretly is wrong. BJP is playing the entire game. The MLA who is there, has been forcefully kept. His phone has been taken away.

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Who will pay the pilot’s bill
As the game has been played, it is a game of great misfortune. A young fellow hoped that today he will be asset for the Congress and he will put a bouncer. Fight for life and livelihood to save the government. I have never heard of the manner in which the president of a party is trying to topple the government. Who will give our bills to the Congress party? This which is politics by breaking the Congress, it will be suicidal for BJP. Today there are some BJP leaders, who are pretending to impress Delhi people, it will not do. The assembly will do all the work in Rajasthan. Satyameva Jayate.


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