PM Modi is ahead of America’s husband husband in this matter, know what the study says


new Delhi: The world has seen many unprecedented changes in the last few months. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the way of life has changed completely. From the education of children, we had to make changes in our livelihood i.e. job and business. Due to COVID-19 (COVID-19), leaders and bureaucrats working in the field of diplomacy also had to change their modalities, in which frequent visits and face-to-face meetings were considered very important. But with the sealing of borders in the Corona period, the ban on domestic and foreign travel changed the way politicians around the world worked.

The Corona virus, which became a global pandemic, also forced politicians and diplomats from all over the world to sit in their homes, so they had to make a habit of completing their meetings and departmental tasks through work from home and online webinars.

Meanwhile, ( has judged the ranking of global leaders including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) based on their Twitter Reach. In the Corona era, when leaders are not able to hold face-to-face meetings, debates, speeches, then how effectively are they able to make their point through Twitter? Can you communicate with people? How far is his talk reaching among the followers. It is being called the real Twitter Reach. According to this assessment, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has registered a huge increase in his reach on Twitter i.e. he is now the second most followed leader on Twitter but one of his tweets has more reach than the US President Trump among followers. That is, PM Modi’s Twitter reach is up to 40 million fowlers (70 percent) on average.

The number of Modi’s followers on Twitter has increased, while the reach of one of his tweets is now 40.8 million. The second position in terms of Reach is US President Donald Trump whose True Reach is now 20.3 million.

At the same time, the Reach of the Prime Minister’s Office of India i.e. PMO India (PMO) is now 16 million.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s True Reach is only 7.5 million. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo is the favorite leader of 6.5 million people with a total of 48 percent followers.

Followers on Twitter
In terms of growth on micro-blogging website Twitter, Trump has 83.9 million followers, which means that the number of his fans has increased by 33 percent. At the same time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has 60.1 million followers, which means that his reach has increased by 21 percent.

With this, Trump remains the most effective leader of the world on Twitter. One of his tweets gets an average of 24 thousand retweets, which is a slight lead from Saudi King King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. A tweet from King Salman gets 23,573 retweets.

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