Politics heats up for opening temple in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena attacks BJP


Mumbai: Maharashtra Politics has become hot in the temple. Shiv Sena has attacked the BJP. Shiv Sena mouthpiece face (saamana) Wrote that those who stopped the Amarnath Yatra are demanding to open temples in Maharashtra. This time Amarnath Yatra has been canceled due to Corona infection. It is a dual policy to say ‘open the temples of Maharashtra’ here and cancel the Amarnath Yatra there.

Ask which god
Saamana wrote, “Due to the Corona crisis, the ‘gods’ of the country are captive in lockdown. Earlier there was a war between the gods and demons, then demons used to take the gods captive, such stories are found in the Puranas. Now called Corona The demon has taken the gods captive. Not only the temple but not any prayer place is open, such is the government order. So most of the religious festivals are closed. The Mount Meri fair in Mumbai was canceled. But some Days ago, senior BJP leaders from Maharashtra demanded from Chief Minister Thackeray that the temples of Maharashtra should be opened immediately. On what basis are the demands like ‘Ye Kholo, Woh Kholo’ be made daily, once it becomes clear then good Will happen.”

Saamana further wrote, “Jammu and Kashmir is currently ruled by the Center. This time the Amarnath Yatra has been canceled due to Corona infection. Saying ‘Open the temples of Maharashtra’ here and cancel the Amarnath Yatra there, This is a dual policy. BJP leaders are saying, “In the present crisis, society needs mental and religious support, so all temples should be opened.” The Tirupati Balaji temple in the south was opened. In the first stroke, 34 priests got infected with the corona. One of the chief priests lost his life. At least the leaders should take care of this. Open the temples. “As if you will not prove to be a Hindutvaist by chanting the raga and by opening such demands, ‘open the mosque and the church’, no one will become secular. The present time is to follow the mantra of ‘Live and live’.”

Angel of white clothes serving in hospital
Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana wrote, “Today, the most needed health facilities in the country is to be built. A 5-bed hospital in Mumbai will start a Manpa, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray declared. This is also not a type of temple.” Today, all hospitals and Kovid centers have acquired a temple-like appearance. The lockdown may have had detainees at religious places but the angels in white clothes are serving in the hospital. Nair Hospital in Mumbai Manpa has more than 500 newborns so far. The children beat the corona. The mothers who gave birth to these children were corona infected, so it was the duty of the angels of white clothing to protect the children born and they showed it to completion. “


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