Population on Emergency

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Population is a priceless capital for any country of the world which produces goods and services, distributes and also consumes. Population inflates the economic development of the country. That’s why it is believed to have given status to a country. But it is also a fact that with population shooting up, every country is moving towards a danger zone. India’s population growth is one fine example of this fact.

It is estimated that India’s population will increase to 1.5 billion by 2025. India will overtake China by 2030. We should be ready to face the consequences of this enlarged population.

Looking behind, the poverty percentage in our country has remained half. The family planning program for population control was adopted in 1952. The population of the slum is massively growing. 1.3 parts of the total population of the country resides in slums. 1.63 lakh in Mumbai, 1.18 lakh in Delhi and 1.49 lakh in Kolkata. Also only 2.4 percent of the world’s agricultural land is covered in India. The population here is 16.7 percent of the world’s total population.

Though India may rank 2nd after China in regard to population, the day is not too far when we will leave China behind. The strong evidence is that China’s annual population growth is just 1 percent in the other hand our country have 2 percent per annum. We are ahead from all over the world. 150 babies are born every minute in the world but in India it takes only 60 per minute.

India’s population have crossed the astonishing statistics of one billion in the 2001 census to 102.87 crores. The average annual growth rate of the population dropped to 1.95 percent in 2001. Despite this, the growth rate of India’s population is much higher than in developed countries and compared to developing countries.

Population control is a sensitive social issue. India is the only country where children born in the 21st century are considered as ‘God’s gift’. Even educated people are not ready to understand that population growth is in the hands of those who can control, if they want. In villages, people can be seen who will argue saying, more number of hands will help to accomplish tasks faster and easily. It is the misfortune of the country that we all cannot understand that there is also an abdomen along with two hands which has its own needs.

People believe that mortality has decreased and life expectancy has increased because reproduction and health services are better than before.

In the southern states where the population is dwindling, the population growth rate in Northern states is high. 17.2 percent in Kerala and 25.2 percent in Tamil Nadu are those who have been married for 18 years. People were limited to the thinking of only two children so that the population could be controlled.

This must be accepted that it is impossible to meet human needs and resources at the speed of population growth. This leads to declining life values as the gap between rich and poor is going deeper.

Education should be encouraged to spread awareness per person. For the future of the country to be happy and prosperous, it needs to be understood that population control is a need of the hour.

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