Poster of ‘Suicide Aur Murder’ release on Sushant’s life, maker Vijay Shekhar said this


Mumbai: The death of Sushant Singh Rajput is going to be around 40 days. But his fans are still unable to recover from this misery. This sad incident has shaken the entire Bollywood. There now Sushant Singh Rajput A film is going to be made on the life of Whose poster has been revealed. Filmmaker Vijay Shekhar is going to make this film. The poster of the film has been released which is getting much praise. In a conversation with ZEE NEWS, Vijay Shekhar has told many special things about the film.

Producer Vijay Shekhar, referring to this film inspired by Sushant’s life, spoke to ZEE NEWS over the phone. Vijay told that Sushant is an inspiration for his film. 55% scripting of the film has been completed. Vijay Shekhar told that this film is for those people who come from non-film background and fall prey to the cleverness of this few people. His script is also developing in the same way.

Vijay Shekhar also told that this film is not a biopic of Sushant. Many talented youth like Sushant come to Mumbai Mayanagari and fall victim to nepotism. In such a situation, it is the story of every boy who comes from small cities to earn a name in Bollywood. The film has actor Sachin Tiwari in the lead role, which is Sushant Look Like.

On the selection of Sachin, Vijay Shekhar told that when he mentioned that he wanted to make the film, at that time people on social media only forwarded a lot of videos of Sachin to him. Watching these videos did not delay him in casting. The instant photo shoot was done and the film has been announced.

Talking about shooting, Vijay Shekhar told that the film will be shot in Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai. The rest of the casting is still going on, because of being an outsider, he has also faced a lot of problems, he will definitely bring information about anything that has happened to him after some time.

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