Preparations to give China a big shock! America took these three big steps to target ‘Dragon’


Washington: Cold war is going on between America and China. Although there has always been a conflict between the two countries, but the tension has increased considerably since the CoronaVirus epidemic. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to defeat America, and Donald Trump is trying to isolate China, and in this war, America is also succeeding to a great extent.

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America has taken three big steps against China. The first, Military siege, Second Closing the consulate and The third Targeting Chinese hackers. America is increasing its military presence across Asia. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has outlined the plan. The US is sending naval ships to Asia and providing arms to Taiwan. Considering the activity of Chinese ships around the South China Sea and Taiwan, the US is forming a strong alliance.

According to Asper, China’s activities are destabilizing the entire region and the US wants to counter it. India will be an important part of America’s strategy. A naval exercise was recently conducted off the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands under the direction of the US Defense Minister. Asper said that such exercises are part of the power show.

Also, taking an important step, the US on Wednesday ordered China to close its consulate in Houston within 72 hours. US officials believe that this embassy was carrying out espionage to expand Chinese influence in America. Although Washington has not provided much information in this regard, it has been consistently accusing China of attempting to steal commercial and military secrets.

Hours after the Trump administration ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate, Chinese diplomats were seen burning some papers. This further deepens the suspicion that the Chinese Embassy was actually engaged in some illegal activity.

The US has accused China of espionage. US Investigators said that China is not just spying, but has also hired its hackers. They are targeting the research of coronavirus vaccine not only in America but also worldwide.

The US has also accused two former electrical engineering students of being private hackers. He reportedly worked for money and has the support of Chinese intelligence agents. Two firms in the US were reportedly targeted by hackers – a Massachusetts-based biotech firm and a Maryland company working to find a cure for the Wuhan virus.


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