Professor was heavy to speak against Chinese President, University punished


Beijing: In China (China), the government has to pay a heavy price for opening its mouth. China’s prestigious Tsinghua University has dismissed its law professor Xu Zhangrun only because he criticized the policies of President Xi Jinping.

Xu Zhangren is one of the few Chinese academics who openly criticized Jinping’s wrong policies. He was also detained by the police in this regard and was released after about six days. The professor, irrespective of the action, had said, ‘The CoronaVirus epidemic has exposed the rotten system of Chinese rule. I can tell right now that I will be punished for this. It may be my last words too. I have dared to speak against the President, which is like a crime in the eyes of the government.

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The university formally informed the professor to be removed on Saturday. Xu Zhangren came into the limelight in 2018 when he criticized Xi Jinping. He was then suspended with warnings, but the professor remained vocal against the government’s wrong decisions and policies.

Tsinghua University, whose alumni include President Xi, has been listed as China’s No. 1 university by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The 57-year-old professor has served in this university for nearly 20 years. On the other hand, the university has declared its decision completely correct. It has been said on its behalf that ‘it has been confirmed that Xu Zhangren has been criticizing the government’s policies on several occasions since July 2018, which is a serious violation of the professional conduct of teachers, hence he has been dismissed as an action’. Guidelines released in 2018 by China’s Ministry of Education say that if teachers speak or write anything against the Communist Party or its policies and decisions, they can be dismissed or punished.

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By the way, freedom of expression has always been strictly suppressed by the Communist Party in China, but it has become stronger in Xi Jinping’s time. However, in this country with heavy censorship, Xu has been a rare outspoken critic who periodically criticized Communist rule. Xu published an essay in February criticizing Xi’s promotion of a culture of deception and censorship during the spread of the corona virus in China.

He wrote that China’s ‘leader system is itself destroying the structure of governance’. He also said that the chaos spreading in Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus, reflects systemic problems in the Chinese state. This essay of Xu was posted on many foreign websites.


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