Rajasthan: Ajay Maken’s fiery attack on Center, said- CBI should stop threatening BJP


Jaipur: Congress Leader Ajay Maken said that, when a democratically elected government is dropped, there cannot be a big conspiracy. This is not only a betrayal of the public, but also a murder of democracy. This reduces public confidence.

He said that the team of SOG was stopped in Manesar. The news came that, he was shifted to another place. BJP Why is it being sent only to the states with the government? Ajay Maken said that, ACB has filed a case. Why was the team stopped to take a voice sample? If they do not have a voice, then why are they saved in it?

Maken said that, Congress Demands that, when Gajendra Singh’s name appears in the FIR, he should resign, he should come forward and give his voice sample. Ajay Maken said that the threat of CBI investigation is being given because more big leaders are involved in it. He said that BJP leaders should stop threatening the CBI probe.

He said that from where black money is being brought to buy MLAs. SOG’s team has been stopped in Delhi. She went to get samples from Gajendra Singh, Bhanwar Lal and Vishwendra Singh. Maken said that the decision has to be taken by the CM for the floor test, a decision will be taken when needed.

Congress The leader said that, just as Congress MLAs were kept in hospitality of BJP’s Haryana government in Manesar, Gurgaon hotel and resort, it proves the nexus of BJP. Putting Rajasthan Congress MLAs in an unprecedented security cordon by the Khattar government of Haryana is proof that the real leaders of the conspiracy are the BJP.

He said that, on the 17th, by breaking the Constitution and the law, the Haryana Government of BJP imposed the manner in which the ‘Rajasthan Special Operations Group’ was prevented from taking voice samples of Bhanwar Lal Sharma, MLA and Vishwendar Singh, MLA and investigating, This in itself is a living proof of this collusion and the extent has been reached when the BJP’s Haryana government drove the Congress MLAs out of the door so that the investigation could not take place.

Maken said that, why the BJP of Haryana and Delhi Police is stopping from taking voice samples of Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Bhanwar Lal Sharma and Vishwendar Singh. If these three are not guilty, then what is the danger in coming out and giving a voice sample? Is the central BJP government threatening the CBI because the central government people sitting on many other top positions are involved in the string of MLA procurement scam and a fair investigation will expose them.

Congress The leader said that, should the country not believe in where black money is coming from, who is providing this black money, how it is being transferred through hawala, to whom? Should not the face of the people be exposed in this black money exchange to topple the Rajasthan government.


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