Rangoli Chandel questioned by police about Kangana Ranaut, Whatsapp chat viral


new Delhi: Famous bollywood actors Sushant Singh Rajput The Mumbai Police is constantly investigating in the suicide case. In this case, Mumbai Police has so far questioned 35 people. Let me tell you, the actress who started the debate on nepotism (brother-nephew) in Bollywood by releasing the first video after Sushant’s death Kangana Ranaut Once again in the headlines. She recently said in an interview that she wants to give her statement to the police in Sushant case.

Kangana Ranaut had said that the Mumbai Police had called her to give a statement, but she is in Manali, yet she is ready to give a statement. Kangana had told the Mumbai Police, ‘Can you send someone to me to take my statement, but after that I did not get any reply.’ Now a screenshot of WhatsApp chat has been shared by Team Kangna on Twitter, which shows what the Mumbai Police had a conversation with Kangana, her sister Rangoli Chandel.

Sharing this screenshot, it has been written, ‘Kangna has not yet received any formal summon. Police calls are coming from Rangoli near Rangoli for the last two weeks. Kangana wants to record her statement, but no response is being received from the Mumbai Police. This is the same message that Rangoli sent to Mumbai Police.

In this screenshot, Rangoli wrote, ‘Can you send someone? On this, Mumbai Police officials say that since the investigation is being done every day, it is not possible in such a situation. After this, Rangoli messaging writes that she wants to fully assist the Mumbai Police in this case and Kangana also wants Sushant Singh Rajput to get justice, so she waits for Mumbai Police’s questions to record her statement She has been Now this screenshot is becoming very viral on social media.

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Let me tell you, Kangana recently claimed, ‘I am telling that if I have said something that I cannot testify, which I cannot prove and which is not in the public interest, then I I will return my Padma Shri In such a situation, I do not deserve this honor again.

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