Russia created vaccine for ‘special’ people, not for common people


Coronavirus The race to make and vaccinate has intensified across the world, whether it is ‘Operation Warp Speed’ in the US, Novaxin trials in India starting on July 20 or Russia to start vaccination from next month. Promise Administrators around the world are becoming impatient and want to launch the vaccine as quickly as possible to eliminate the ill effects of the virus. Somehow want to return to life before Corona.

Russia has again made a strange thing. According to the report, Russia has started testing its experimental vaccine from April itself among the influential people of Russia. Which has been created by the government organization Gameliya.

Vaccine launch soon?
It is clear that Russia wants to bring the vaccine against this virus first. The pilot vaccine will definitely give a kind of benefit to the country that starts it first. According to reports, Russia is also going to start vaccination from next month, even before the third phase trial is completed.

According to a media report, all the influential executives and industry professionals, including top executives of companies like Rousal, had started vaccination from April itself.

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Vaccine development work is being done in Russia with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which is also getting support from the military. Only last week, the trials of its first phase have been completed on military officers and the second phase has also started.

So far only for the upper class!
It is being said that in the first week of August, trials of Phase III will also start, during which time the vaccine can be made available to the general public. Apart from Russia, the vaccine is also being tested in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Let us tell you that countries like America, Britain and Canada have accused Russia that Russia is trying to steal information and infiltrate their confidential vaccine programs.

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According to Bloomberg’s report, he has the names of influential people of Russia, who have taken this vaccine of Corona. But he does not want to make his name public. Although these people are not part of any official study, the results are being monitored as if they are part of the study.

Let us tell you that Russia is currently the fourth most affected country in the world from Corona. So far, more than 7,50,000 people have been corona infected.


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