Ruthless son stabbed mother to death, blood pouring in her face


new Delhi: A shocking incident has emerged from Madangir area. A son killed his mother’s body after stabbing him with multiple knives. According to neighbors, the boy was washing his face with the blood coming out of the mother’s body. Blood was being applied all over his body. Knife his mother so many times until his scream was calmed down. The landlord reported the incident to Delhi Police. What was obsessed with the son’s head, which Delhi Police is investigating for such an act.

Weird variety screams
After this incident, the local people are left stunned. Mother and son lived on rent on the second floor of the house. According to neighbors, both of them were very calm. They did not even meet more than anyone. On July 20, at around 12:00 noon, strange sounds started coming from his room. There was chaos in the house and in the neighborhood. Everywhere people are afraid that where is this ghostly voice coming from? When the neighbor and the landlord looked into his room, a son named Sagar, he had a sharp knife in his hand, which he attacked his mother many times. He was applying the blood coming out of his mother’s body, all over his body. Was washing his face with his mother’s blood and licking it.

Neighbors told the Delhi Police about the frightening and shocking incident. But the Delhi Police arrived quite late pretending the narrow streets. Till then, a son named Sagar attacked his mother one after the other so that only a few breaths were left in his mother’s body. He died on his way to the hospital.

The police, who reached the occasion, were also surprised to see this incident. There were so many injuries on the mother’s body that blood was visible everywhere. Therefore, the police also had to wrap them in sheets and take them to the hospital. At the same time, when the police brought the accused son to the police station for questioning, there was so much blood on his son’s body that even the threshold of the police station was soaked with blood.

Sagar is about 22 years old and his mother’s name was Anjali, whose age was around 45 years. Just before the lockdown, the mother-son came to live in this house. The accused son used to play DJ in a nightclub. This incident has shocked the people of the entire region. Seeing this behavior, no one is sure how the son can do this way.

It is proving very difficult for the police to understand the actions of the son. At present, the entire case has been registered at the Ambedkar Nagar police station and the body has been sent to AIIMS for postmortem and Delhi Police is continuously questioning the accused son.

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