Sachin Pilot gets huge relief from Rajasthan HC, speaker cannot take action till July 24


New Delhi / Jaipur: Rajasthan The hearing on the petition of rebel MLAs has been completed in the Rajasthan High Court amid the political tussle in the state. By the court Pilot (Sachin Pilot) Keeping the camp intact, the Speaker’s action has been banned till Friday (July 24).

The Rajasthan High Court on Tuesday asked the Speaker to postpone action on disqualification notice against rebel MLAs of Congress by July 24. The Speaker’s counsel told about this. The court will give its verdict on July 24 on the petition of Sachin Pilot and 18 rebel MLAs.

Earlier, the High Court had granted four days relief to Sachin Pilot and other rebel MLAs of Congress from any action on the disqualification notice by the Rajasthan Legislative Speaker. Explain that after revolting against Chief Minister Gehlot, Pilot has been dismissed as Deputy Chief Minister and State Congress President.

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Ashok Gehlot rained on pilot
Here, Ashok Gehlot’s anger against Sachin Pilot has become known. On Monday, he called the pilot very bad in front of the media. Gehlot said that there is competition in Rajasthan to bring down the government. Nobody believed that this person can do this work. Innocent face, Hindi English has commanded the media and impresses the media. He said that with my hard work the government has been formed in Rajasthan, the people of the state know how much contribution they had. But even then I never raised questions on him. He said that we knew what was happening here but never questioned him in view of the interest of the party.

In a conversation with reporters, Ashok Gehlot said, “Not even a small news has been read that someone should be removed from the post of Congress state president.” We knew that he (Sachin Pilot) is worthless, incompetent, is not doing anything, is fighting empty people. I have not come here to sell brinjal, I have not come to sell vegetables, I am the Chief Minister. He said that first you were standing outside Ashok Gehlot’s house and then stood outside CP Joshi’s house. How can i believe in you

He said that Sachin Pilot had been plotting for the last 6 months with the support of BJP. Nobody believed me when I said that there is a conspiracy to topple the government. No one knew that a person with such an innocent face would do such a thing. He said I have not come here to sell vegetables, I am the Chief Minister.

Gehlot said, the way Sachin Pilot is playing the game is quite unfortunate. Nobody knew that this person can do this, innocent face. Has a good grip on Hindi-English and has influenced the media of the entire country.

Let me tell you that Congress MLA from Rajasthan Girraj Singh Malinga also alleged that the then Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot had discussed with him about leaving the party to BJP. With this, Malinga alleged in front of the media that he was also offered money.

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