Saudi Arabia reverses decision regarding Haj pilgrimage of foreigners, only they will get approval


new Delhi: Saudi Arabia, overturning its old decision, has approved 1 thousand foreigners to perform Haj pilgrimage. However, this approval has been given to those foreigners who are currently living in Saudi Arabia. Foreign Muslims living in the rest of the world will not be able to perform Haj this year. They will have to wait for next year to come to Mecca and Medina.

Explain that in view of the spread of coronavirus infection in the world, the Saudi Arabian government had announced to stop the Haj of foreign Muslims about 3 months ago. This happened for the first time in Saudi Arabia’s monarchical history. When foreign Muslims were not allowed to perform Haj in Mecca and Medina. After this decision, Muslims spread across the world expressed their disappointment. Whereas many progressive choice Muslims supported this decision to stop the spread of corona infection. Now under pressure from the people, the Saudi government has changed its old decision and has approved to perform Hajj to one thousand foreign Muslims. However, this decision will only benefit foreign Muslims living in Saudi Arabia. This number is extremely less than the 25 lakh Muslims who perform Haj annually.

Haj pilgrimage from 31 July
The Haj pilgrimage is going to start from 31 July this year. In such a way, how will one thousand foreign Muslims be selected? This is still a big question. Saudi Arabia’s Haj Minister Mohammed Benten said in Riyadh that the number of Hajis will remain around one thousand. It may be a little less than that and a little more. But it will not be there in hundreds or thousands. Saudi Arabia’s Health Minister Taufiq Al Rabih said that only those people will be allowed to perform Haj this time. Those who will be below 65 years of age and will not have any kind of disease. The corona virus will be tested as soon as the selected people reach Mecca. After performing Haj, those people will also have to go to their home and complete the quarantine period.

According to the information, other Muslim countries of the world had pressurized the Muslims to give permission for Haj. According to those countries, performing Haj is an essential part of Islam. In such a situation, millions of Muslims can be deprived of fulfilling this duty of Islam by banning Haj.

This decision of the Saudi Arabian government has come at such a time. When there, cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly. There have been 1 lakh 61 thousand cases of corona infection and 13 hundred people have died. This is the highest level of corona in the Gulf countries.

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Huge financial loss to the government
The special thing is that every year Haj pilgrimage has been a great means of earning revenue for Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, the Saudi Arabian government will have to bear a huge economic loss due to limited Haj pilgrimage. This will be the second setback for the Saudi government. Prior to this, Saudi Arabia has been suffering big losses as the prices of petroleum products have reached historically low levels.

According to government data, the Saudi government also suspended the Umrah pilgrimage in March this year. These together, Umrah and Haj contribute 12 billion USD to the Saudi economy every year. That is why hosting the Hajj has been a matter of prestige for Saudi rulers for years. By doing this, the treasury of the Saudi government fills. At the same time, the global influence of Saudi Arabia as protector of Islam also increases.

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