Shocking revelation about black sterilization in America from new study


new Delhi: This week a study by the US (AmericaSterilization of blacks inSterilization) Has revealed very shocking. North Carolina of America from 1929 to 1974 (North carolina) A sterilization program was conducted in the state. This study says that this program was clearly started to control the black population of America, which is similar to the UN’s definition of ‘Genocide’.

Sterilization of up to 7600 men, women and even children up to 10 years of age was done under a program that was started for the benefit of the people to prevent people from becoming retarded and many from becoming parents. Could. Most were forced, but some women, who had no other means of birth control, demanded that they be declared unfit and sterilized. This new study paper is printed in the American Review of Political Economy.

This study tests the time from 1958 to 1968. In this time period, there were about 2100 illegal vasections in 100 counties. The study’s researchers found that the rate of sterilization among black people increased as their unemployment rate increased, but unemployed whites and other races were not targeted at this rate.

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According to William Derrity Jr., a professor at Duke University and co-author of the Stogee, Genocide, by definition of genocide or ethnic genocide, is to destroy a whole, or part of a national, ethnic, religious, or racial group. According to the Geneva Accords, it also included, “enforcing such regulations for the group intended to stop their reproduction”, says Derrity, “The Genocide Act of North Carolina to sterilize inaccurate proportions on its black citizens” Is only ”.

Earlier it was learned that the population of black people has been targeted through such sterilization programs, but the new study has revealed more about that method and its objectives. “Controlling black people and their reproduction is nothing new,” says Rhonda Sharp of the co-author Women’s Institute of Science, Equity and Race, our study suggests that North Carolina restricts reproductive freedom Done, used eugenics to deprive black residents of citizenship. ”

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