Siliguri city drowned in silence

Today, the city of Siliguri looked absolutely peaceful. For the first time today, it felt like there was a lockdown here. Although the city of Siliguri has been a victim of lockdown for the last 7 days, never before has such an agility been seen by the local administration. The Siliguri Metropolitan Police was seen to be aggressive everywhere. People who broke out of the house due to unnecessary work. There are also reports that the Siliguri police had also lathi-charged in some places of the city.

Today, in all areas of the city, on the streets, in the streets, in front of the shops, silence was seen everywhere. It was the first day of statewide lockdown. The administration did not want to act in any situation. Hence the police was strict. Above all, the order was that people could follow it on the first day of statewide lock-down. As such, since this morning, there was a spurt, a lockdown from above. So people did not come out of the houses. Today the new market was also completely closed. Private, government, central office, shop, haat were all closed. Bad weather from above. So the people remained in the houses. Those who had left for any important work. The police also stopped them and let them go only after being fully satisfied.

Police checked vehicles on various streets of the city and were not ready to hear any excuses. The Siliguri Metropolitan Police was under strict surveillance in dozens of areas, including the city’s Hilkart Road, Jalpai Mor, Mahavir Sthan, Vinas Mor, Hashmi Chowk, Vidhan Market, Sevak Road, Pani Tanki Mor, Champa Sari. Earlier this morning, in view of the growing Corona case in the city, the local administration protested against the local government while inspecting the work of preparing a 100-bed safe home at the Siliguri indoor stadium. Has come and removed the local people from there. If except for a few incidents, there was complete peace and silence in Siliguri city. Today even passenger vehicles did not run on the roads. Overall, the first day of statewide lock-down can be called successful in Siliguri city at least. In the other districts of North Bengal, the first day of the lock down seems to be completely successful. It remains to be seen how much effect this will have on coronavirus control.

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Siliguri city drowned in silence

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