So far 2278 people in Bengal are corona positive, one


Kolkata, 19 July. Corona epidemic infection in West Bengal is setting new records every day. In the Health Bulletin released by the State Health Department on Sunday, it has been reported that 2278 people have become coronavirus positive in one day, which is the highest ever. With this, the total number of people affected by this epidemic in the state has increased to 42487. Most people have also recovered on Sunday. A total of 1344 people have returned home after getting healthy, due to which the number of healthy people has increased to 24883. It is a matter of concern that a total of 36 people have died in 24 hours, due to which the total number of deaths has increased to 1112. The state still has 16492 active cases. The rate of recovery in the state is also declining continuously. At the beginning of July, the recovery rate was more than 66 percent, which has now fallen to 58.56 percent. Samples of 13471 people have been tested in 24 hours. Samples of a total of 703284 people have been tested so far, of which a total of 6.04 percent have been found to be coronavirus positive. Health experts say that more samples are being tested, so the infection is increasing. However, the decline in recovery rate is a cause for concern.



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