Sonu Sood’s heart for mother lying on the pavement, promised to give home


new Delhi: Bollywood actor from last few days Sonu Sood He is not in the discussion about his films or his acting, but he is making headlines for his generosity. In the lockdown, he took the initiative to take thousands of migrant laborers to his home. Through social media, he helped a lot of people and now once again his heart is sweating for a mother. As soon as the picture of a woman lying on the pavement of Patna came in front of her eyes, Sonu Sood was filled with heart and promised to give the woman home.

Actually, a social media user shared a picture of this woman lying on the pavement and wrote, ‘Sir this woman’s husband has died. Its landlord has thrown it out of the house. Have been lying on the roadside for 1 month. 2 children are starving. Help you They have no hope from the government. In response, Sonu Sood immediately tweeted and wrote, ‘Tomorrow there will be a roof over the head of this family, there will definitely be a house for these little children.’ People are not tired of praising Sonu Sood once again for his generosity.

Let me tell you, the way Sonu Sood extended a helping hand to the laborers in this challenging time, now they are going to write a book that will be published by the end of this year.

In this crisis, Sonu Sood came not only as a messiah for the workers, but in Mumbai, he also gave his hotels to help the medical workers. Sonu had fed about 45 thousand people in lockdown in the name of father Shakti Sagar everyday. From Bollywood to his fans are praising Sonu for this work, some people are even demanding to honor him with Bharat Ratna for this work of Sonu.

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