Subramaniam Swamy will help Kangana Ranaut in Sushant Singh case, saying this by tweeting


new Delhi: Sushant Singh Rajput Kangana Ranaut has been continuously demanding justice for her since her suicide. Kangana says that Sushant has committed suicide due to the ongoing nepotism in Bollywood. Those responsible behind their suicide should be investigated. Kangana has also shared several videos on this issue. Now BJP leader and former Union Minister Subramanian Swamy has also come forward to help Kangana Ranaut in this matter.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted, ‘Kangana Ranaut’s office has contacted Ishkaran. Ishkaran and I will soon discuss how Kangana can be helped in her legal rights in this matter. And when to have a meeting with the Mumbai Police. I have been told that she is one of the top three actresses in Hindi cinema stardom but she is the first in terms of courage.

Before you tell me, Subramanian Swamy’s lawyer Ishkaran has tweeted that, ‘Dr. Swamy has already given the statement that if Kangana needs any legal help while making a statement in the police, she will give her full assistance will do.’

Let Kangna Ranaut recently said in an interview that the police have talked about recording her statement in Sushant suicide case. With this, he said that he is in Manali at this time and if the police wants to come there and take his statement, then they will cooperate fully.

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