Supporting Taapsee Pannu, Shruti Seth got heavy, tweet on tweet on being trolled


new Delhi: Sushant Singh Rajput Since the suicide of, the debate about nepotism and outsider-insider in the industry is happening fast. Kangana Ranaut is strongly raising this issue. Recently, he also described Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar as outsiders and said that you are an excellent actress but why you do not get work. On this, Taapsee replied to Kangana, in support of which TV actress Shruti Seth tweeted this and came on the target of users on social media.

Let us first tell you what Taapsee wrote while replying to Kangana. Taapsee wrote in his tweet, ‘I have heard that after tenth and twelfth our results have come, our grade system is now official? But till now the value system was used on the number system, right?

In support of Taapsee’s tweet, Shruti Seth wrote, ‘Taapsee has so many people here, just keep shining like this.’ After this, Shruti wrote in her next tweet, ‘I am an outsider but I have gained a lot from my profession. Great project with good, kind, talented and respected people. I have received a lot of love from the audience. And I will always be grateful for this. I have the best work in the world. After this tweet of Shruti, she came under the trolls’ target.

Let me tell one of his fans who supported Kangana Ranaut on social media, taunting Shruti said, ‘Now money is being added to everyone’s account to tweet that I am an outsider and the industry has given me a lot . These tweets did not stop and Shruti also responded to these trollers by tweeting one after the other.

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