Sushant Singh Suicide: Kangana could not record statement, now this tweet about Mumbai Police


Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut Between Mumbai Police Sushant Singh Suicide A strange tension is going on in the case. Both are accusing each other of not cooperating.

On the evening of July 22, Kangana Ranaut has tweeted that she has not received any summons from the Mumbai Police. However, for 2 weeks, his sister Rangoli has definitely received “casual calls” from the police. Kangana wants to record her statement but she is not getting support from Mumbai Police.

On the other hand, Mumbai Police is also blaming Kangana on the contrary. According to police sources, on July 3, Mumbai police had summoned Kangana’s flat and on July 4, Kangana was called to Bandra police station.

But Kangana’s manager Amrita Dutt refused to take the summons. When the police asked Kangana’s number to talk to Kangana, the manager gave her own number to the police. Now the police have contacted Kangana’s sister Rangoli, then Rangoli says that the police should write their questions to Kangana, they will email their answers to the Mumbai Police.

The question is why the two sides are unable to establish a common opinion just to record a statement.

Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut, who started the debate on nepotism (brother-nephew) in Bollywood by releasing the first video after Sushant’s death, has claimed that if she could not prove her allegations then the most prestigious award given by the government Padmashri will return. Kangana Ranaut had said that the Mumbai police called her to give a statement, but she is in Manali, yet she is ready to give a statement.

Kangana told the Mumbai Police, ‘Can you send someone here to take my statement, but after that I did not get any reply.’

Kangana Ranaut further said, ‘I am telling that if I have said something that I cannot testify, which I cannot prove and which is not in the public interest, then I will Padmashri will return. In such a situation, I do not deserve this honor again.

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